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  williamsroom – Review #2

Company:  Sauc

Location:  Online Shop

Mission:  All of us here at SAUC are extremely excited to bring unique and high -quality cannabinoid and terpene-based vapor products to all who shall ever want or need! This was taken directly from Sauc’s website.

Website:  (http://sauc.co) I typed the website into the address bar, and quickly directed to the Sauc website.  In the right corner of the website it had its logo with the statement, “pronounced: Sauce” below it.  I find that amusing in several ways, but I digress.  The website is minimal and clean, it is also easy on the eyes. Further, below the Sauc logo there is a statement, “Organic, USA grown and extracted CBD (Cannabidiol).  100% THC-Free.  100% magical.”  To the right side of this statement there are three pictures of the actual product you will receive if you get the vape e-liquid.  Sauc also sells, “CBD Crystalline X Terpenes”, CBD Vape Additive, and “Vape Juice (Terpenes + Nicotine). Their CBD contains various terpene profiles depending on which strain you pick.  For example, Granddaddy Purple is an Inca dominant strain, which promotes anxiety relief.



Reviewed:  CBD E – liquid – Granddaddy Purple 300 mg (30 ml)

Cost:  Sale Price $ 41.00 ($ 9.00 off) Includes shipping, Retail $ 50.00 not including shipping

Lab Results:  The link to the lab results on their website.

Taste:  Subtle sweet earthy taste, with no aftertaste.

Effects:  No psychoactive effects however, a sense of overall wellbeing increased.

Verdict:  Overall, pleasant experience from shopping to receiving the product in a timely manner.  It would be a great feature to be able to look up specific lab results, which are more current.  The product is extremely clean with a great taste, especially since it has no aftertaste. The price is steep at about $ .15 cents per mg of CBD, but the quality mitigates some of the price issues. It is also important that Suac’s products contain strain specific terpene profiles, which is why I say the quality the quality is outstanding. Finally, it would also be helpful to have CBD content options above 300 mg.

TL;DR:  If you can afford it, it is a good buy.  The quality is excellent, but the website is lacking current lab results that are batch and product specific.  It all hinges on price vs. quality.

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