williamsroom Review #4 – Rise Biscuits and Donuts

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  williamsroom Review #4

Company:  Rise Biscuits and Donuts

Location:  Cameron Village – Raleigh, NC

Mission:  We opened Rise in Durham in 2012 with a simple vision…serve great food at an affordable price point, made with premium quality ingredients by people who care. In other words, not your typical breakfast spot!

Website:   (https://risebiscuitsdonuts.com)  Rise’s website is as basic as you can get, and unfortunately has a franchise-feel to it. However, their news section on the website is curated properly.  Rise does a good job showing that they are a company that is growing with various grand-openings scheduled.  The website contains useful information about the business itself, with a detailed section about their menu offerings.  Finally, the website has an, “order online” section that facilitates express, and catering orders.



Reviewed:  Sausage and Fried Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Cost:  $ 4.50 plus tax.

Appearance:  The biscuit was way too big, and they are not very attractive looking.

Taste:  The taste is excellent, and definitely worth the price tag.  If you are a biscuit lover, you may want to drift down to Rise.

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere is lacking because of several factors, limited seating, unfriendly staff, distracting color scheme, and the digital menu boards are located poorly.  It seems that the atmosphere is geared towards an in/out style.  Finally, there was a fly and bird problems, this was a big problem while I was trying to eat, it should be addressed quickly and swiftly.

Verdict:  Overall, Rise does biscuits well, but they could do better by elevating their atmosphere, and creating a friendlier staff. The biscuits are way too big, so I ended up throwing half of it away.  A lower cost smaller size biscuit would be a better option, especially for the health-conscious like myself.

TL;DR:  Rise has great biscuits, that’s it.

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