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  williamsroom Opinion #2 – Why “Yeezy’s” will be the Hottest Shoe Ever!

It was about two months ago when Kanye West made headlines by this tweet, and decided to align himself with prominent free-thinker @RealCandaceO.  This stirred up quite a controversy in several ways.  Candace Owens is a free-thinker that rips up the status-quo in regards to thought.  This alignment was greeted with massive backlash from the left, who tries to propagate the view that there is such a thing as modern-day slavery, and that all African Americans are victims of this.

Furthermore, Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Alex Jones are all free-thinkers.  These public figures are keenly aware that the two-party system not only does not work, it discourages free-though and thinking. This is why I believe Yeezy’s will be the hottest shoe ever! Independent free-thinking is a movement that will continue, and Kanye West’s shoes will become a symbol of Independence, and free-thinking.

Finally, the above opinion is more from an optimistic point of view, however there is a cynical point of view, which I will explain briefly.  Kanye West has demonstrated that he has great business acumen, which is why this could all be a carefully crafted public-relations operation.  Regardless of the point of view I take it still does not change my opinion, that “Yeezy’s” will be the hottest shoe ever based on several key metrics.

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