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  williamsroom Review #7

Company:  Larry’s Coffee

Location:  Raleigh, NC

Mission:  Larry’s Beans is happily committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees — and making the world a better place. 100% of our coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic, all slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. Our green-o-vated facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize our impact on this awesome planet.

Website:  (https://www.larryscoffee.com) Larry’s Coffee is an organic coffee roaster and blender located in Raleigh, NC. They have a fairly smooth flowing website that is easy to navigate.  After arriving to their website, it is cleanly laid out with several menu options, shop subscriptions, shop everything, gifts, energy, Larry, and partners. It is clear to me that Larry’s is serious about being sustainable and organic.  On the homepage you see a picture and description of the farmers that supply Larry’s with top-quality coffee beans.  It is awesome to see that Larry’s pays respect to the farmers that do the real work by making quality coffee beans available.

Furthermore, I kept on browsing and I noticed that their store is laid out quite well.  They have all of their blends available for purchase online so you do not have to make a trek to their shop.  They also have a variety of other items for purchase like, tools, cold-brew sets, mugs, and gift certificates.

Finally, as I mentioned previously Larry’s is serious about being organic, and having a sustainable production facility.  A very cool interactive map of their facility is available on their website and it is extremely impressive.  They have implemented various systems for keeping their facility sustainable like, a biodiesel, biogbag, and a rainwater collection system.  All of these sustainable systems show that Larry’s does not just talk the talk, they actually walk the walk.  Larry’s has a great website that showcases their passion with a vigor that is infectious with positive vibes and energy.  Ever since I tried my first blend with Larry’s I was hooked, and what hooked me even further is that everyone is super nice!  Larry’s Coffee is great and the way they run their business agrees.



Reviewed:  Larry’s Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate (12 oz.)

Cost:  $10.72 including tax

Taste:  The taste is subtle but bold, the concentrate is strong so you do not need very much when fixing your iced-coffee.  This concentrate is perfect for an iced-coffee, and I even use it in my breakfast smoothie to give it a little kick with a depth of flavor.

Recipe:   1 cup of Larry’s Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate, 2/3 cup of purified water, 1 tsp. of vanilla extract,  1 tsp. of Agave or preferred sweetener.

Directions:  I found that this recipe works best when using a cocktail mixer.  Fill up the cocktail mixer with ice, then add all the ingredients listed above.  Close the lid and begin shaking the cocktail mixer. Once you have shaken vigorously for about 20 seconds, pour contents from the cocktail mixer into a chilled pint glass. Then you can add the desired amount of creamer to it, or just drink it straight up!  I found this recipe and method of preparation yields a superior iced-coffee experience.

Verdict: I have so many reasons why I am so thankful that I live in Raleigh, NC and Larry’s Coffee is one of them.  They are true masters at their craft, and they also practice what they preach.  Finally, on a sentimental note, every time my mom has visited Larry’s, they have treated her with a level of respect and dignity you will not find at other coffee establishments.

TL;DR: Larry’s is a must try! Thank you for providing an exceptional product with awesome service!





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