williamsroom Opinion #5 – I stand with Alex Jones & InfoWars

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 williamsroom Opinion #5 – I stand with Alex Jones & InfoWars

Over the last 12 or so hours multiple platforms like, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube decided it was time to ban Alex Jones and Inforwars.com.  I would like to voice my fervent opinion on this particular matter. 

I have been following Alex Jones and his platform Infowars for several years now, and it is important to say that I do not agree with everything Alex Jones pontificates on his radio show or his platform. Now, with that said, “I do agree with his right to use his first amendment however he chooses.”  He should be allowed to express his views as long as they are not laced with threats. 

The platforms that have banned him since the writing of this opinion piece are subservient to a different standard than regular brick & mortar businesses. It is time for serious regulation of these technology companies.  Discrimination cuts through political ideology and should never be accepted, and right now it is being accepted by these technology companies who have made it incumbent upon themselves to regulate, “Hate Speech”.  

Nevertheless, whether you agree with Alex Jones or you disagree with him he has the right to the first amendment like everyone else.  These technology companies have no right to tell everyone what is deemed, “Hate Speech”.  This is digital book burning.  Finally, williamsroom.com stands with Alex Jones & Infowars, because this is more about freedom of speech than a prolific radio host.  This is all about keeping the marketplace of ideas free for everyone regardless of political views.      

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